Beta Update

Hello folks,

Well it’s taken us longer than we thought (doesn’t it always?), but it looks like we’re finally getting into a position where things are stable enough that we can open up the testing – with any luck we should be in public beta sometime in the next two weeks.

Stay tuned!



Call For Beta Testers

The v0.80 build continues to run fine, but more importantly we now have the infrastructure set-up in order to begin beta testing ūüôā

As such we are now looking for 5 to 10 beta testers for a private beta test. We’re looking to run WeatherCat on a range of hardware and equipment for this test, so if you’d like to take part, here’s what you need to do:

Drop an email to detailing your weather station hardware, Macintosh model, OS version, what weather software you are currently running and anything else you think is relevant. There’s no rush here, this is engineering, not a lucky-dip – what we need is plain hard data so as to be able to decide who to accept into the initial testing. Having said that, the cut-off date is Friday 27th Jan.

You need to know that WeatherCat currently supports the following hardware:

  • Davis Vantage range¬†– USB/Serial or IP data-loggers.
  • Davis Vue¬†– USB/Serial or IP data-loggers.
  • Davis Monitor/Wizard
  • LaCrosse WS23xx models
  • OS WMR 928/968

To run WeatherCat you will need a Mac running 10.5 or later (PowerPC or Intel) with a minimum of 1GB of RAM.

If you don’t own one of these stations, or your Mac doesn’t buy propecia no prescription meet the minimum requirements, please do not apply.

In return, if accepted, you’ll get to run the coolest weather software available for the Mac before anybody else in the world (chicks will dig you!*), you’ll receive my undying gratitude (meow!), and as if that wasn’t enough, you’ll get a free license for WeatherCat version 1 (assuming you provide feedback during the test and don’t drop out).

You also need to know that:

  1. We will not reply to your email – if accepted into the private ¬†beta test you’ll receive an email sometime after Friday with a link to the testing area and download.
  2. If accepted, the first rule of WeatherCat private testing is that you don’t talk about WeatherCat private testing. (You didn’t really just say that, did you? -Ed). If you do blab, we’ll send Blacky around (and possibly our lawyers).
  3. You can drop out of the testing at any time – there’s no obligation on your part.

Finally, if you maintained an LWC localisation and would like to continue that work in WeatherCat we’d totally like to hear from you ūüôā

Good luck!

Meg out.

*I lied – ¬†they won’t. Trust me.

We Have A Go!

Earlier today, after a nice breakfast and some last minute testing  we reached version 0.8! We have a go for release to beta!

Meg out.

Version 0.7 Further Update

Through skillfully moving things onto the to-do list and straight graft, we are down to two, maybe three items left to complete before we can start testing.

More updates will follow as things progress…

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