And That’s The End Of The 0.6 Development!

That didn’t take as long as it should have! Just put what is hoped to be the last 0.6 build on-line. Need to monitor it for a bit – it could be really unstable.

If Wunderground stops updating you know we’ll be back in 0.6 land tomorrow. (And whilst you’re on that page, check-out the 64 M.P.H. wind we got this morning! £560 worth of damage right there say’s our builder. Thankyouverymuch).

The 0.6 development was for just one feature that can be summed up in a few words, but brings good flexibility. It was one of those fun things to do, but it was a feature that was difficult to UI.

There’s an old adage in software: ‘Always throw your first attempt away’. In this case that feature took three attempts to get right – the engineering was pretty trivial (it normally is when you’re working with your own code) but the integration and UI was ‘tricky’ – not totally happy with it even now, but it’s a lot better than the first effort 🙂

Now to find out if it’s stable and onto the marathon slog that is version 0.7. The work for 0.7 mainly consists of lots of little bits and pieces along with circa 20 bugs that have been noted. But the good thing with little bugs is they’re quite easy to put away – handy for when there’s only five or ten minutes available.

Either way, 0.7 may take some time; I prefer big chunks to little bits (who doesn’t?!)….