V0.7 Progress Report

Aarrggh; I’ve left too many small things to do! I should have done some of these already – this is stuff like being able to set the CWOP ID or mailing out the monthly report. I have no idea why it isn’t emailed out – what was I thinking? It would have been much easier to do it when the feature went in instead of leaving it to a later phase; the report is saved at the end of the month, but there’s no message sent to get it emailed out – d’oh!

On the plus side, a lot of these are trivial in terms of coding, but the testing can take an order of magnitude mentalhealthdrugs.com longer and it’s not until the end of January I’ll know if the monthly report gets emailed out for real.

Looking through the 0.7 todo list here I can see 39 items; I thought it was about 20 🙁

I’ll have to cut some of them out of this release and move them to v1.1 or later.

On-time, high quality and all planned features – pick any two. We tend to go for on-time and high quality every time.

Oh well, onwards…