WeatherCat Version 1.1.0 Now Available

We are very pleased to announce the release of WeatherCat version 1.1.0.

Changes since version 1.0.2 include:

  • Added Oregon Scientific WMR200 support.
  • Added calibration and anemometer height compensation (Preferences->Misc 2).
  • Added an SDK (available here –  documentation and example project included (Xcode 4))
  • Added daily backups (Tools menu).
  • Printing improvements – it is now possible to print all basic graphs and the current daily and monthly reports.
  • Plotting style of basic wind direction graph is now settable to one of line, shortest path or dots (Preferences->Misc 2)
  • Data export rewritten. It is now possible to export all raw data as a .csv file which should open directly in most spreadsheet software.
  • Added SINCE9AM as a period parameter that can be used in the STAT$ tag – example: Highest xanax no prescription temperature since 9 A.M.= STAT$TEMPERATURE:MAX:SINCE9AM$TEMPUNITS$ at STAT$TEMPERATURE:MAX:SINCE9AM:TIME$
  • Added an HRS(x) function which can be used as the period parameter in the STAT$ tag, This function specifies a time period in hours from ‘now’ – e.g. Highest temperature in the last 24 hours = STAT$TEMPERATURE:MAX:HRS(24)$TEMPUNITS$ at STAT$TEMPERATURE:MAX:HRS(24):TIME$
  • FTP re-architected to increase upload speed, reduce the number of connections and reduce latency of time sensitive data.
  • Holding down the ‘ctrl’ key whilst scrolling graphs and imagery via the WeatherCat Controller buttons now accelerates the scrolling.
  • Vantage VUE stability update.
  • Added Wd$ macro (wind direction) that can be used with custom alert emails.
  • Documentation update.
  • Various bug fixes.

This is a free update for existing owners and as always, you can download the update from our WeatherCat page.

Meg out.