WeatherCat Version 1.1.4 Now Available

WeatherCat version 1.1.4 in now available!

Changes since version 1.1.3 include:

  • Added support for Fine Offset WH3080 stations (solar and U.V.). For more information on this station, please visit our wiki page at:
  • Added a variety of new tags, many of these were implemented to support the ‘Steel Series Gauges’ – see For more details on the tag additions,  please see the release notes included with the distribution.
  • Fixed a long-standing bug that could cause a spike on graphs at the start of a month.
  • Fixed an issue cheap lexapro that could cause email to hang on some systems.
  • Scaling improvements when multiple humidity channels are present on a custom graph.
  • WMR200: Fixed an issue where additional channels may be missing from the first few samples on download from the data-logger.
  • WMR200: Fixed a crash that could occur on start-up.

This is a free update for existing owners.

As always, you can download this release from our WeatherCat page.

Meg out.