WeatherCat Version 3.0.4 Now Available

We are very pleased to announce that WeatherCat version 3.0.4 is now available. Changes in this version include:

1. Netatmo: Improved server connection failure handling and reconnection. Also improved token expiry handling to avoid latency when token expires.

2. On station comms fail, we no longer show the message to check the USB connections if the station is IP based. 

3. Fixed some alignment issues with dock update time in preferences.

4. WeatherLink IP and Vantage station drivers – we now check and correct the station clock at 03:05, previously it was at 00:05 (if option is enabled in Station Hardware Options).

5. Custom web processing has been re-architected to increase the processing speed. The actual speed up seen over V3.0.3 will depend on the computer – a more powerful computer will show more of a speed up than a less powerful one when processing identical templates.

6. Simple web processing speeded up as per custom web.  

7. Fixed some threading issues.

8. Changed comms fail message so it doesn’t show ‘May need to restart computer’ if station doesn’t use a serial to USB driver.

9. Tidied up the dock update time preferences for alignment.

10. Custom scrolling graphs now have a maximum period of 56 days, previously 28.

11. WeatherLink IP station driver now explicitly logs to WeatherCat’s log window when it disconnects hourly to allow the logger to upload historical data (if allowed in the Station Hardware Options). In addition, the hourly disconnect period has been increased to the recommended 1 minute (up from 20 seconds). 

12. Latest Italian translation updates courtesy of Federico Paoletti.

WeatherCat V3.0.4 is available for immediate download or if you are running WeatherCat V3.0.0 or later, you can wait for the notification within WeatherCat to auto update.

Meg out.